We’ll Do It Again Tomorrow

This morning I let four strangers in my home. They went through my things, packed it in boxes, and put it on a truck. A hope and a prayer will meet everything my family owns in Ohio next week.

Half way around the world, a soldier is patrolling a perimeter, with a weapon at the ready. That soldier is thinking about his/her family. They’re thinking about good food. They’re trying not to think about getting killed, though the thought of death is always with them.

We kick in doors. We airlift supplies. We sail the seas. We save people’s lives. And yes, sometimes, we kill.

We’re underpaid. We’re away from our families. We uproot our families more than we like. We quietly sacrifice. We do our duty. And we don’t take sides.

And guess what, we’ll do it again tomorrow.

The polls are open and the battle lines have been drawn. By the end of today our next president and commander-in-chief will have been chosen. And no matter what dooms day scenario you hear from both the right and left, the world will not end.

The beauty of democracy is that we have the freedom to choose. The beauty of democracy is that you have the right and duty to cast a ballot and make a choice. The beauty of democracy is that your military will be ever vigilant and will continue to defend your freedoms and rights.

So as you cast your vote today take a moment to think about all the men and women that put on a uniform this morning so you could do so. Be grateful that no matter what our differences, we still live in the greatest country in the world.

And remember, we are stronger together, than we are apart.

Photo found via Flickr.

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