New Star Wars: The Old Republic Trailer! Holy Awesomesauce!

There is way too much Star Wars stuff going on lately. I love it!

Here is the new trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic which is a game that I’m really looking forward to. Check out the trailer, check out my thoughts, and let me know what you think.

1. “For The Republic”? For the Horde!
2. Republic commandos holding their own against Sith Lords – Awesome!
3. Did that Republic officer really try to fight off Force Lightning? Luke Skywalker couldn’t even do that!
4. Was there really any doubt that he’d be saved?
5. Is it me or do the Sith masks look like Death Eaters?
6. A female Jedi that kicks ass? About time!
7. Holy crap – she absorbed a saber strike!
8. Thinking the female Jedi is really an Orc Shaman in disguise.
9. Yep, that was definitely Earth Shock.
10. Shhh…. Don’t tell my Sith Master that I was secretly going for the Republic in this one.