The Quiet Storm

Storm CloudsI’m quiet by nature. Probably too quiet, especially around people I don’t know. I observe. I watch. I assess. And most importantly, I listen, which is something that I don’t think people do enough of these days. When I speak, I want it to mean something. I never want to be known ‘that guy’ who shoots his mouth off without thinking.

To see me in my element means you’ll see the storm. I know my job – I’m good at it. I know my fraternity – I’ve dedicated most of my adult life to it. I know my family – they are everything to me. Those are my elements. That’s where the storm exists.

The quiet part you witnessed is really a facade. Pull back the veil and you’ll find the storm.

So why The Quiet Storm? I’ve always identified with the song The Quiet Storm by Mobb Deep. Not so much the words, but the beat. It always stirred something deep inside.

But the name for me really came about in a random conversation I was having with a friend of mine at work. It must have been around 2004 and we were talking about some meeting we just got out of. He said something like “Man, you were like a storm in there.” I replied, “I’m the Quiet Storm, you don’t know nothing about me!” From then on, it just kind of stuck with me.

So this is my small piece of the big puzzle we call existence Рmy thoughts on life, fatherhood, leadership, and some geeky stuff. Be sure to leave a comment and give me your thoughts.

Welcome to The Quiet Storm.

Photo found via Flickr.

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